Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Backyard Fair

My friend Christi is one of those women who, in spite of having four children ages 11 months, 3, 6, and 7 1/2, is a hostess with the mostess type. She does everything up right, be it a playdate, birthday party, or whatever… but I think her forte is the theme party.

We were so glad to be back in town in time for the…


I had to create this graphic, because it really was the neatest party we’d been to in a long time.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate the sno-cone/margarita table. However, as I discovered, any adult lingering near the shaved ice might just be hooked into making any number of sno cones depending on how many kids swarm you. :)


Bunny had some real luck – or is it skill?? – at this ping pong plink game. She got two balls in the center cup, meaning she was able to pick a prize from the ‘best’ prize box, and she got that thrill of success!


Carter had a blast, if not success, with this game. He knocked over a few, but never managed to get ‘em all down.



Ryan was very patient with Carter as he kind of spazzed out over that game. Balls flying everywhere, I tell you… :)


The apple bobbing was really refreshing on that warm afternoon. Jack pretty much dunked his head in over and over just to cool off.


Pretzel fishing with a gummy worm – I can’t even say how many times Christi had to, um… well, lick the worm to make it sticky enough. We kept telling kids to NOT eat the pretzels, but later on caught Jack eating one, saying, “What? They taste great!” At least it was his mom’s saliva…


Katie was determined to master this one, and very patient with herself.


I have no clue what you call this, but it was a pretty neat game idea, and simple.


Eventually, though, the kids wanted to run around instead of playing games, and that was cool, too. It was a great mix of structure and free play – and a great way to catch up after missing park days for over a month for various reasons.

Hopefully it’s an annual tradition!



workout mommy said...

how fun!
It looks like Bunny will be a ringer in beer pong. ;)

Elle said...

Love the modified Beer Pong tables. Ha! I was quite the player back at JMU. :)

Kristianna said...

Well, it's only responsible parenting to help her learn these skills early. :)

Heidi-Marie said...

Oh this looks like it was fun... Wish we could have been there! We miss all of you guys!

Christi really is an amazing hostess/party thrower!

PS: Did anyone accidentally make any margarita sno-cones? Just a thought.


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