Monday, February 01, 2010

Taking Care of Un-Business

There are those who religiously have manicures and pedicures... who never go too long before a hair trim... who, um... bathe daily, even after children. I'm not sure where they are, or who they are, but there must be these types!

Then there's me. I never seem to be able to put many chits on the 'me' column in this life with Littles. My husband adores our children, but he is just not an eager hand pitching in--at least in volunteering to pitch in. For some reason (he would call this reason ADHD; I call it Y Chromosomitis) if I say, "I need a shower," he seems to truly believe I am taking a poll and asking if he also needs one--WHICH HE THEN TAKES while I am left feeling funky in more than one way. It's not just him; I become pooky about always having to ask, ask, ask, so I instead choose to forgo a lot, then reward everyone with a sulky, crappy 'tude. (I don't even enjoy being near me then!) It's a stupid passive-aggro thing, or something, I am sure.

ANYway, a couple of weeks ago my daughter and I went out for 'girl time' and she suggested we get our nails done. It was a good call, and we enjoyed our time side by side in the massage chairs being pampered a little.

The one downside to having such nicely groomed footies in the winter is they barely see the light of day or night! So, last week when the sun finally peeked out for more than 5 minutes, I blinked hard a few times and decided these tootsies needed to get some fresh air.

My heels sank in the lawn. It was utterly impractical. Then again, exactly what about a pedicure is practical?

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Elle said...

Sorry about Paul on that...not so with B...he knows I cherish my shower at night, and that is sacred time for me (and I don't budge on it)....but onto the pedi: I got my tootsies done right before I had Daniel, and when I was on the table for my C-section, the scrub nurses all loved my nails. "Oooohweee! nice nails!" LOL.


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