Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cookin’ the Book: Pioneer Woman’s Lasagna & Olive Cheese Bread

Oh, how I love lasagna!  I’ve officially tried every recipe that could be considered low carb in The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and have been eying the ‘good’ stuff with apprehension.  Finally I realized I could spread the joy and beg my neighbors to help a sister out by eating yummy food.  My neighbors, so far, seem up to the challenge.  We have a meal, then any leftovers are shuttled off post haste.
So…. LASAGNA!  Yeah, baby!  While I was at it, I figured, “Why not try this Olive Cheese Bread, too?”  And I did.  So there.  ;)
Both came together easily, and I found the length of my pan allowed for an noodle-free end, which helped my husband feel a little better about the splurge—and the slice of olive bread he gobbled down.
Simple and straightforward, this lasagna recipe probably would make anyone happy, as long as they’re down with the idea of cottage cheese in it.  The one other time I ever made lasagna in my adult life, there was a bechamel layer on top, and I do think I preferred that to the parmesan on top of PW’s version.  However, this is the fun of trying recipes as written – it helps me break out of the ‘what I already know I like’ mold.
For me, the olive cheese bread was the clear ‘wow, what a great food’ award winner of the night.  I halved the recipe, and then cut the bread slices in halves, and it was still perhaps a little too rich.  Not bad – RICH.  I’m going to have to make this again, for sure… for a crowd.
Both these recipes are available on the Pioneer Woman website HERE and HERE.  Give ‘em a try!

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