Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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This week is such a WASTE! It's so pretty out. So, so, sooooo pretty. Yet we've been cooped up. On the plus side, I have more than caught up on my laundry, including the extra items poor Carter threw up on. I will probably steam clean the carpet in the front area this afternoon to take advantage of open windows. I feel the bug... of spring cleaning.

However, I wanna be outside. Hiking with the kids now that they all can hang for a mile or two--Cole is pretty good at keeping up, and sometimes he's too fast, too eager.

Fevers have more or less subsided, though they come back in the evenings, a little less every evening. Carter had enough energy to play on the floor for a short while yesterday. Cole is coughing, but a day or two ahead of his big brother, as he fell ill a day or two before. Bunny? FINE. BORED. She was up with a fever Thursday night, so we all know from whence this little buggaboo came, not that it matters. I'm grateful my friend Gretchen, who has children that roughly match up to my eldest 2 in age *and* gender, is picking Bunny up to take her to the park to play in a while. It's been hard on her.

In the meantime, a photo of my kiddos on Saturday, right before the plague hit our household. I felt really sick on and off last night and have been taking elderberry extract to try to escape a few walking zombie days, as we all know lying around for 2-3 days is so not going to happen!

This is a new playground in our neighborhood, and while small, it has some cool things in it. Always good to have some variety!

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