Thursday, February 04, 2010

When You’re Two…

…you might need to feel the taste of self reliance now and then.  You’re sure you can do a lot.  You want to do more.

Walking down a dark hallway is too scary.  You need to hold someone’s hand for that.

Running free in a parking lot is scary—for Mama.  She won’t let you do that, protest as you might.  You need to hold her hand to do that or she might just pick you up and carry you, humiliating and upsetting as that is.

You’re not so great at choosing your battles.  They’re all worth fighting to the death—or until Mama picks you up and carries you somewhere (see: parking lots).

Mama’s not so bad at choosing battles sometimes.

So, you get to dress yourself—sometimes.

Who’s to say you can’t wear a size 8 hand me down Spongebob pajama top your neighbor gave you with a cardigan and sweatpants?  Not Mama… at least not today!  Victory!


Suzanne Sergis @ said...

Great job writing up this memory. Better than a scrapbook any day!

Elle said...

He looks so proud and self-assured! Love it!


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