Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Recipe Verdict: Italian Egg Drop Soup with Meatballs

I went off menu last night – I had planned to make shrimp gumbo, but just wasn’t feeling it, Dog.

After a quick perusal of my options, I spied a bag of Trader Joe’s mini meatballs in the freezer. These suckers are really tasty. So I decided to see what kind of meatball soup I more or less had the ingredients for and found THIS recipe. More or less meaning I had to change it a wee bit, which is not exactly a shock for me even if I plan to make something ahead of time…

I didn’t have escarole on hand (gee, must’ve just run out, hahaha), so I subbed a bag of frozen cut spinach, and I only had to thaw the meatballs in the nuker instead of making them by hand.

This was my first time making any kind of egg drop soup, and I was pretty delighted when it came out—and easily! It’s gotta be high protein with the meatballs, chicken broth, and eggs, and all that spinach (which was very mild and as Bunny said, ‘not bad like spinach usually is’) made it a nice one pot meal. A keeper.

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