Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Party Prep & Planning

Commence planning NOW. :)

Bunny wants a smaller, more ‘special’ party this year for her birthday. YAY! That means it’ll be more interesting to plan, and also more fun for me as well as her and her guests (I hope!).

Having set the date, it’s taken me longer than I’d like to create the invitations, as they’re rather labor intensive, and special, like our guest of honor. I kid… well, kinda.

Bunny wants a doll tea party as her theme, so I made paper doll chain invitations. I found THIS template, and used only the ‘girl’ half.

They’re simple to make as long as you know how to fold paper and use scissors. But they’re rather tedious, as I said. And, though I was only making 8, it took me a long time to find time when the boys were otherwise occupied.

Nice paper dolls, huh? They’re a little plain, though. Time to dress those dollies.

Bunny and I had already chosen a few lovely scrapbook papers to use as dresses. I love scrapbook paper—but NOT scrapbooking. That’s why I blog, FYI… I like this. :)

AnyHOO, as you can deduce, I made a dress template, traced the dresses on the wrong sides of the papers, then Bunny and I worked together to glue them to the blank dolls. Finally, I printed up the invitation details on plain paper and freehand cut them out as ‘aprons’ for the middle doll in each chain to wear so they are proper invitations. I didn’t photograph that part, though… just imagine it on the red dress in this photo.

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Laurie said...

Those are so cute!!!


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