Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Ear Piercing
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On purpose! She did really well. For the record, I would totally recommend Icing by Claire's. At least the one by me. :) They were very clean and also have mad synchronized ear piercing skills. Bunny totally fell for the "1,2...." (no three!) trick. I find that funny, since I always do that to her for band aids and whatnot. I guess she thought only I knew that gem.

A couple of days later her ears look great, and I am glad I didn't get too bunched up over sticking to my idea that she should wait until she was 10. I'd read somewhere a long time ago that it's best to either pierce a baby's ears or wait until 10 so they can care for the healing. But honestly, I just clean her ears, and it's not a biggie. Hey, I'll take it over clipping her toenails. I admit -- I really won't miss that when she's able to take over. ;)

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