Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little Things That Make Me… “Me”

I am a recovering anal person. Meaning, I have to let a lot of things go, or I’d be either running around like a crazy person cleaning up everything all the time, as I am utterly outnumbered by people who do NOT seem to care about neatness, or I’d be nagging my family every other minute about picking up, cleaning up, putting away like a crazy person. I have had to relax a LOT, or else the crazy person part – or at least the ‘martyr’ part comes to play. And I don’t want to play those roles, though I do find myself slipping into them once in a while when I am tired, when it’s too rainy, when the kids are just on fire, or when I have not had a real break in weeks.

But like with substance abuse, I am only a recovering anal person (and I look forward to the day when I can let my anal flag fly, lemme tell ya).

Some things drive me up the WALL. Things I know should not. Things I know do NOT MATTER AT ALL. But they bother me, okay?

Take this.

Pretty much anybody with a boy under say age 6 will recognize this Thomas sippy cup set. They’re a little old, let’s call it a patina. :) But that’s not what’s wrong with them. See… the lids are reversed. They both were in the dishwasher together one day last week and my husband grabbed one to give to Carter, and *gasp!* chose the wrong lid! Then they were utterly mismatched for days. Days, I tell you! And yeah, it bothered me. Wrong, I would think to myself.

Also, one day last week we had a lovely time at a playdate with one of Carter’s friends, a boy who has the Cars sippy set (as we do, too). The kids had a great time, we moms also had a nice visit. Sonya is a fantastic mom, who clearly does not have the same set of issues I do, as she served Carter the orange cup with the blue lid (the orange lid goes with it). And yeah, it kind of bothered me.

Finally, after that harrowing week of separation, I was able to match each one with its mate, as they both were clean at the same time.
Much better.

You have no idea how relieved I was. Okay, not really. I was not exactly up nights fretting about this. But yeah – it bothered me. Vexed me a little.


Elle said...

Man oh man. You are hilarious. I can't really relate. but you do make me laugh. Thanks for the giggle. B makes me laugh too, and he's the same way.

My biggest anal trademark is about markers and pens. They cannot be mixed together. No. And, if said writing tools do not flow smoothly on the paper, or if the feel is weird, I will literally go through many pens just to find the right one. It drives me crazy.

Oh, I hate dirty counters, and little bits of trash, like wrappers. Drives me insane...but that's about it.

Kristianna said...

I am so used to little bits of paper and whatnot... I don't know why, but my kids just exude scraplets of paper and wrappers.

But the sippy lids... ooooh, they bother me.

Elle said...

See, I would have an aneurism. It all started when I waited tables in college, and ever since then, that is the one thing that drives me batty. I clean up after my students when they are cutting--not because they can't do it, but because it drives me crazy! I will likely do the same thing when we have kids.

Heidi-Marie said...

We have that Thomas sippy cup set! And we also have the Disney Princess set. As a fellow "recovering anal person" (I love that!), I can relate to your frustration. However, I have to say that I really don't care which lid goes on which cup, just so long as it's either the red one or the blue one... Now when Rob puts one of the pink Princess lids on a Thomas cup or a Thomas lid on one of the Princess cups, now THAT make me crazy! Ha ha...

See you soon! Can't wait!!!!


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