Thursday, February 19, 2009

Room Progress

Not the best job of stitching photos, but it gives a decent idea of how the room is coming along.

And the wall by her bed.  I’m not sure I won’t pivot the bed and put the Barbie house in the space that would result between the bed and desk.  I think I will leave it be and see how this works.

You may notice the shelves are NOT white.  I thought I bought white shelves, but was obviously mistaken at IKEA in the madness that was that place on President’s Day.  After consulting with Bunny, whose response to “How do you feel about black shelves?” was “I don’t care,” we went ahead with the black.  And I have to say I like it.  I am thinking the white may have been too washed out.

One neat effect is the sound in her room is WAY dampened.  All those little cubes in her shelves really changes the acoustics in the room.  Still to come is the dresser and I need to finish putting stuff on the walls, then the room will really begin to be pulled together.

Bunny?  She’s very happy with it.

Especially when you look at the before:


Elle said...

That looks really great! I'm sure she is thrilled! :)

Laurie said...

It looks GREAT!

Suzanne said...

How exciting...Bun's room is reflecting a girl who's growing up! I think the direction you are taking it looks awesome.

Does she like hideaway areas, a bit of privacy, a sense of seclusion, etc.?

I was thinking that moving the bed would be a great idea. Then, the Barbie house area would be a little more hidden and make sense of that corner space more than the bed does being crammed against the desk.

However, if she doesn't like a hideaway area or the feeling of being secluded, I don't think it would work as well. Having the bed as a barrier wouldn't make her feel as comfortable IMO.


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