Friday, February 20, 2009


I’m not the biggest person with details.  Some people are painstaking with their planning and execution of projects.  I?  Am not.  I can either plan or do, but seemingly, not both.

My general style, if you can call what I do a style at all, is ‘everything goes together’… someone once said it was a kind of Shabby Chic, haha… but that would presume there is a lot more planning going on than there really is.  I do try to work within a color scheme, slowly finding and adding, but I am simply not that into it.  One thing I will say, no one ever worries their kids can’t play here because they’ll mess up my meticulously decorated house!

Since planning is not my forte, I didn’t consider the outlets in Bunny’s room.   Being built in the pre-everything we have now era, the original portion of the house has less outlets than most would like nowadays.  Added to a lack of ceiling fixtures in the kids’ rooms, it can be tricky.  Thankfully one outlet in each kid room is switch controlled.  I am thankful for that convenience.

The outlet nearest Bunny’s desk was not completely obscured by the Expedit shelf, thank goodness.  But it was not close enough to the desk, and I could not fit an extension cord behind the shelves, since they’re flush with the wall, and that shelf ain’t moving anytime soon.

While detail finishing is something I often say, “Meh, whatever….” to, this time I thought it was important.  For starters, I would not want Bun to tangle herself in the cord and fall.  Nor would I want it to fray and possibly be a hazard.

So, I actually did something neat.
Well, neat for me.  I carefully (for me) covered the cord with electrical tape along the bottom edge of the shelves.  Yeah, there is a crinkle here and there, but I doubt most people would notice the wire in the first place.  Getting the dark shelf mistakenly really worked out in this case, since I know myself well enough to know I’d NEVER get around to buying white electrical tape.

While we’re at it, here are a few angles of Bun’s shelves more close up than I shared in the previous post.

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