Thursday, February 26, 2009


I lurves me some LOST. Yeah, no big secret there. Wednesday is a good day. :)

Bunny also loves that show, and benefits from the reairing of the prior week's episode at 8 every Wednesday just before the new one, since her bedtime is obviously a bit early for a show that ends at 10. She doesn't get to stay up until the end of the show, but sees a good 3/4 of it. Some may say that it's mature content for a child her age, and I do not dispute that. But Bunny is not your average bear. Primarily, she very well understands the difference between fiction and reality, and to quote her, thinks it a 'really cool show.' I agree!

Anyway, it's our ritual to sit and watch LOST together, and since I already have seen the episode, I can help prepare her if something is scary or confusing (gonna be fun to help her with Locke's death... it'll be fine, she is surprising about these things). I also appreciate the reminders the subtitles give and that they also confirm some things I suspect when watching it 'live' the prior week (like that Ben's promise *did* involve Penny... I am holding out hope she kicked his ass and survived, but not much hope).

Sometimes Bunny has some really good insight, too. Obviously I can't believe she fully gets this whole time travel timeline, but I do believe she grasps it to a degree. For example, her favorite parts of the story are the smoke monster and whispers... the 'creepy' parts. So it's what she focuses on. When that French dude was dragged, I told her Locke also had been dragged, but not hurt or changed for the worse. She made a very good point, I think. She said, "Well, the smoke monster already knew him, right?" Derrrr. Yeah, he/it did. Time traveling Locke had already been on the island at points in perhaps the prior many hundreds of years and was certainly known and accepted.

So, perhaps she misses some finer points, but Bunny's not completely in the dark when we enjoy 'our' show together.


Elle said...

Okay, I have been watching Lost this year. Ever since they finally started to move forward with the plot, I've been watching. But do you ever feel like you're having the same dream over and over again when you watch? That's how I feel when I watch it. It's like it goes forward three steps, and then back five. IMHO.

Kristianna said...

I don't think it's a dream... I dont know, that seems like an 80s technique that is too old.

But yeah, they never answer up much without making a lot more q's come into play.

I want to see this war. Bring it!

Laurie said...

Alex and I watch Lost together, and I LOVED Wednesday's eppie! It was Lost at its finest....

Kristianna said...

I am sure theorizing with Alex is much more interesting than with Bunny... I am LOVING this season.

Elle said...

Oh no, I'm not saying it's a dream. I'm saying that when I watch the episodes, it literally feels like I am in one of my own dreams that keeps happening over and over again.


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