Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've decided to be a Daring Bakers drop out. Oh gasp! While I enjoyed the challenges I tackled, I just do not have time to devote nowadays, and it seems like we always have an alternate thing we would rather do with our time in the kitchen (we is Bunny and me). So there you go. It was fun, but we'll just do our own thing.

This weekend is Paul's birthday, and since he doesn't want cake, we have our own challenge. I asked him what he'd like, expecting him to say creme brullee, but he said strawberries and whipped cream. As Bunny said, "How do you put a candle in that?"

Indeed! I have been thinking, and I believe I have a workable idea, but will save that for when we make it, as I am sure we'll post the photos to go with it this weekend or Monday at the latest!

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