Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peace Out, Man

Today Bunny received a VERY IMPORTANT AWARD. It was the much coveted "Peacebuilder" award. In each class, one child is selected as Peacebuilder, a child who models kindness, helpfulness, and is generally a great citizen. As they advance through grades, the 'bar' is a little higher each year (by second or third grade a Peacebuilder would be a child able to use "I" sentenced to deal with confrontation). I believe this is a great way to help children learn to deal with the harsh realities of life (and not bring a homemade AK47 to school one day).

Bunny has been aching to be named Peacebuilder. She was rather aggravated when she was not chosen as class Safety Marshall this year, as she had served last year. Bunny loves to have jobs, and one with so much responsibility as to accompany ohter classmates to the office/nurse or to carry the emergency supply backpack and be the end of the line in drills is just something she eats up with a spoon. I totally get it. I'm a huge dork helpful like that, too.

Last week I received an email from her teacher informing me that Bunny would be named Peacebuilder. It was to be kept a surprise, and the suspense for an entire week was killing me. I did ask her if she'd like to choose dinner on, oh, say... Wednesday this week, and even let her pick out a dessert from Trader Joe's (it's gonna be homemade enchiladas and strawberry shortcake... drool).

She was very happy to win this award, but becomes a little embarrassed in front of people, especially when told to pose.

That's more like it.


Elle said...

Tell Bunny I said I'm proud of her. :)

We have Citizen of the Month, and even in the 5th grade, they love it. :)

Laurie said...

Congratulations to Bunny!


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