Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back to Basics, Day 4

Day 4
Yesterday's 'step' was to lay out my clothes at night for the next day, not really worthy of its own post. The purpose, of course, being that you're on autopilot and don't waste time thinking about your outfit during a hectic time of the day.

Today is day 4, and it's the day to begin thinking about my morning routine. Well, more than simply thinking about it, I need to write it out, have it on a piece of paper I will see in the morning, and then DO it. A simple 3-5 step list of must dos.
  1. Make coffee
  2. Unload d/w (while coffee is brewing!)
  3. Check calendar and pack lunch for B/snack for park or outings for me & boys
  4. Feed kids (need to add myself to this, I have fallen back into skipping breakfast)
  5. Get dressed.
  6. Take Bun to school.
My list has 6 items, but the last is more like a bookend to the end of my wake up time. The only point on this list that I need to work on is getting back to the habit of emptying the dishwasher every morning. However, if I have left the sink clean the prior evening, then it's really only a 5 minute job, and it saves me more time in the long run, plus the ugly-sink-syndrome is averted. So, I need to kick myself in the pants and just do it instead of being bratty about it.

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