Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to Basics, Day 2

Day 2 is pretty simple. When you wake up, get dressed. Simple, right? There is a catch: to the shoes. Preferably laced shoes.

I see the logic in this. Getting up and at 'em sets ones mind to being active and effective, and not lounging around. Accordingly, there is no panic when the doorbell rings, because you are ready to face the world, more or less. I totally agree. Firstly, what are we teaching our kids when we behave that way? And in a way, we're not treating ourselves very well, either.

Here's the thing: I wake early. If the baby demands it, I may be up before 5 a.m. A couple of months ago there was a very bad morning when 3:50 was wake up time. However, even on my own, I like to get up at about 6:15. Actually, I LOVE to wake at 6:15 or so and be the only-only one up in the house. In a perfect world, I'd have 45 mins to myself to putter, make coffee, think up what I want to make for breakfast, and then wake the kids at 7:00. Part of what I love includes being still in my jammies when I make that first cup of coffee.

And for another thing: I tend to dress by 7:30. I actively dislike wearing my pajamas past then for much the same reason that it's being discouraged in this step. So, sitting around in my jam-jams is not a problem. I also do like to at least put my hair in a tidy ponytail (baby pulls my hair if it's down) and put on a bit of eye makeup.

Finally, I just don't like wearing shoes, or even socks, for that matter. There are a few arguments against this that FlyLady has: buy a separate pair of in-house only shoes to wear, tell the kids that only you wear shoes in the house if you have a shoes-off rule in the house, etc etc. Call me the last shoeless fool on earth, but I'm sticking to getting dressed and being shoeless, sorry.


Elle said...

You should see our Aunt as she putters around in the morning. She wears silky white PJs, lined with flannel, I believe...and then laced up Reeboks. It's pretty funny to watch her putter around the house, out into the garden in her PJs and tennis shoes.

You are a lot like Daddy with the getting up early before everyone else. I may be like that too once I have kids, but he would wake up really early before going to work when I was in HS. I can certainly say I don't want to talk to anyone first thing in the morning.

Kristianna said...

I have the total mental image of that, Reeboks and all. :)

Lemme tell you, it is nice to drink coffee in peace in the morning when you have three kids. Dinner is the total opposite. Sometimes Bun is on seconds before I get 'firsts' because by the time I have plated my own food, much less sat down to eat, I've done approximately 658723578 little things for everyone, thus delaying my own meal.

So yeah, waking earlier than the rest of your family is good for a parent.


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