Monday, January 26, 2009

Money See, Monkey Have Anger Mgmt Issues

Today I went to Fry's for some RAM. Wheeeeeee! I can tell you there is almost noplace I like to take the kids less than Fry's Electronics. Carter, my Mr. Gadget actually thought it was a toystore. For him, maybe someday it will be. :)

Anyway, the RAM was bad, and I had to go back a second time (joy) for an exchange.

I was pulling into the parking lot and turned into a lane and then was getting into a space when I heard a horn honk. Being that I was not doing anything, and the entryway to the lot was not far off, I didn't pay it any mind. As I finished pulling into the spot, someone laid on the horn and then pulled behind me gesturing and mouthing obviously angry words.

It was a couple of people who look, well, exactly like you'd expect a couple losing their shit over a freaking parking space to look. Since I had not realized they had claimed their space from at least across the lot, I figured I'd wave them to back off, and just let them have the stupid space. I mean, come on, it's a parking lot space. Well, I think in those ugly peoples' ugly little world people rarely treat them nicely, so they assumed I was brushing them off. I can see the woman mouth, "Bitch!" and I kid you not, the man actually got out of the minivan they were in, as if he's I don't know what he thought he was going to do by way of showing me what's what.

Not being one to get down the the level of those despicable creatures, I again pantomimed that I simply wanted them to BACK UP so they could have the space. They did, and I found a spot approximately 30 feet away... WHICH WAS CLOSER TO THE DOOR ANYWAY.

The sad part was, since I ended up parking in spot closer to the door than the HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL SPOT WORTH FIGHTIN' FOR, I was in the return line right by the door and could see this sorry crew enter the store--with their two small children. Nice. Way to pay forward the excellent trouble solving skills, guys.


Elle said...

When I was in high school I remember a lady yelling and cursing at me because I accidentally took her spot. I'm not sure if I was as nice as you. I'm pretty sure I stayed in that spot, b/c in my mind, I had done nothing wrong. The funny thing is that when I went home, Daddy said, "You know, when someone reacts like that, they just aren't mentally sane." Probably so. Crazy-ass people.

Kristianna said...

When I was younger I may have stood my ground. But I figure, much as it was a PITA to move, how much more must it suck to *be* those people?

Going Crunchy said...

Oh my must be going around.

I had to call the police to my Library this week when a woman came in and said a guy threatened to kill her and cussed her blue. Over a parking spot. Seriously.

So sad that those people had children with them. It just perpetuates the cycle of issues.

Kristianna said...

I tell you, all over stupid things like parking spaces. When you go to DEFCON 5 over that, what do you have left for the truly bad offenses, like say, forgetting to change the roll of toilet paper?


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