Monday, January 12, 2009

How Carter sees it.

Three year olds can be such a a pain. They're little control freaks, tempermental, irrational... they seem to have permanent PMS.

However, they're also a lot of fun. They start to think about things. They also tell you what they think.

Last night we were watching Planet Earth on Discovery, and it was the episode about Grasslands. There was a part with geese tending to hatchlings and wolves hunting said hatchlings. Carter loves fierce animals, but didn't like them getting the baby birds. We're all sitting in the darkened living room, and a tiny voice pipes up: "No wolf! Don't eat the chicks! Bad wolf!" I said something descriptive to him along the lines of, "You don't like to see the chicks being hunted. But the wolves need food, too, and that's nature. I didn't like it when I was little, either."

He was quiet for a while. Then I hear him talking more to himself: "I save you, baby chicks! I use my light saber. The purple one!"

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Elle said...

Aw. That kid...he just warms my little heart.


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