Monday, October 28, 2013


This week's menu is a couple of stand-bys, a couple of new dishes, and a planned night of food brought in, as I won't be home until late Friday. It's the first of the month, and a busy one at work. But hey, at least I'll be in jeans, though I may be only an hour late and I could also be as many as three hours late. So, that night, yeah, I'm telling everyone to pick up some dinner and -- hopefully! -- save some for me. (Maybe a beer, too?)

I made the chicken-potpie pasta tonight and we really liked it. The recipe, to which I added about half a teaspoon of thyme and some mushrooms, made a large amount, and we all had seconds. I claimed the leftovers for my lunch tomorrow (and maybe the next day, too, since I doubt I'll be wolfing down the ~4 cups that were leftover in one sitting. (Woof.) I make the Marcella Hazan sauce to go with sausages and peppers, and then the leftover sauce will be in chili I'm making another night--no recipe for that; it's one of those things you just, ya know... make! Chili or spaghetti sauce is my traditional Halloween dinner, which is easy to make to have either before or after candy-begging time is over. Paul will probably pick up fried chicken, which is Carter's favorite for Friday, and I've been asked to make "breakfast for dinner" for Wednesday night dinner, which is also Carter's EIGHTH birthday! (He wants me to make "a ton" of sausage for him--breakfast sausage, one of his favorites.

Hope it's a great week on your stove!

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