Friday, October 25, 2013


While the kids and I had a great time at Bass Lake Day, we knew we’d have to return soon with Paul to show him what a nice place the park is, and to explore beyond the small part we saw that day, which really was only one building and an adjacent grassy area.

There is a perimeter trail around the lake, amounting to about 1.5 miles, but at this time the trail does not fully circle the lake—sooo close—so hikers need to backtrack. (A map inside the nature center says the trail is meant to be completed in spring 2014 and needs one last bridge.)

I became mildly obsessed with the turtles found everywhere a decent sized log protrudes from the water.

BassLakePark 003

BassLakePark 004

Seriously, the buggers were everywhere (well, everywhere logs popped up from water) and I just love the way their heads look.

BassLakePark 007

We also came across ample evidence of busy, busy beavers.

BassLakePark 010

BassLakePark 014

Then Bunny became a little more than mildly obsessed with the concept that she could find a beaver, catch it, name “her” Mrs. Beaverson (and she added she didn’t care if it was a girl or not), and…. well, she didn’t have a plan beyond that. Good thing we never found a beaver.

BassLakePark 026

BassLakePark 043

BassLakePark 051

BassLakePark 055

After we walked (almost) around the lake and then back again, we enjoyed a picnic on the verandah around the Visitor Center, Bunny and I went inside the Nature Center where the attendant kindly took out a hognose snake for us to see up close, and we spent some time hanging out on the dock in the late afternoon warmth.

BassLakePark 105

BassLakePark 087 

BassLakePark 091

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