Sunday, October 06, 2013


Last weekend we visited Yates Mill Park in Raleigh. Built sometime in the 1750s, it was in operation for over 200 years until 1950s. It then was bought by NC State and used as teaching example of a gristmill, subsequently fell into disrepair, and has been since purchased as a county park and now has a conservatorship group that has refurbished the mill and surrounding area and added to its cultural enrichment.

YatesMill 099

The visitor center is informative and interesting, too. There are hands-on exhibits help people understand how a mill works and what it does.

YatesMill 007 YatesMill 009

Carter would still be there cranking that handle—I finally had to tell him, “Enough. Time to move on,” after about 15 minutes. Boy, was it loud!

YatesMill 005

Yep, a still.

YatesMill 011 YatesMill 012

YatesMill 014 YatesMill 015

There’s also an area for kids to dress up in period-style clothes.

YatesMill 018 YatesMill 023

YatesMill 024

YatesMill 031 

I think this guy’s eye look like this because he is going to molt soon. We spied him (as if I can tell if he’s a “him,”) sunning by a path.

YatesMill 170

YatesMill 047

YatesMill 070

YatesMill 104

There is a nice, easy ~mile long trail around the pond, with a few little docks to take in the view as it changes, and a really long bridge that fishers can use.

YatesMill 110 YatesMill 113

YatesMill 119 YatesMill 127

It’s easy to see why there were people here with professional photographers, capturing their engagement, wedding, or pregnancy photos (all three were there that day). It’s a gorgeous area, and I’m so glad it’s been preserved.

YatesMill 142

YatesMill 162

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