Sunday, October 27, 2013


Did you know the zig zag bridges in classic Zen gardens are designed to keep out evil spirits? At J.C. Raulston Arboretum the Japanese Garden is one of many theme gardens. Meant to be a place of contemplation and serenity, my family obviously could only stay for a brief while before the rascals among us grew restless.

JCRaulstonArboretum 113

JCRaulstonArboretum 094

JCRaulstonArboretum 099

Carter loved the koi. He always loves koi.

Near the “Necessary” are a wonderful display of tender perennials, most of which had huge leaves and heady scents. Also, I think I want to call the bathroom the “necessary” from now on. How funny would that be, to be so delicate that I could only make the most vague of suggestions about certain “necessities?” After ~12 yrs of parenthood, I am constantly amazed by the things I will say now, so the mismatch of asking my kids if they need to visit the “necessary” amuses me. ;)

JCRaulstonArboretum 065

JCRaulstonArboretum 067

JCRaulstonArboretum 070 JCRaulstonArboretum 072

And then there was the Rose Garden. I love roses, but have grown tired of their neediness. So, I’m not sure I’d be into having a full-on garden of roses… all the more reason to appreciate others’ gardens! Adjacent to the roses is grouping of marble statues called Italian Reflections, which was pretty. It’ll be nice to revisit the area in spring when the wisteria are blooming.

JCRaulstonArboretum 074

JCRaulstonArboretum 083

This next photo is not so great, but it makes me laugh.

JCRaulstonArboretum 084

A while back, Bunny told me, when I was standing in front of her combing her hair, that my armpits were “too deep.” I really don’t know how that even is a *thing* but well, as you can see… They are extra ‘pitty.’

JCRaulstonArboretum 119

JCRaulstonArboretum 120

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