Monday, August 20, 2012

Start Your Engines…

school 001

…the school year has begun!

Here’s hoping the first day goes smoothly for them both, as Carter enters his first year among the ‘big kids’ who go to school all day, everyday, and as Bunny starts her last year of elementary school.  My fingers are crossed that Carter takes enough time to eat snack and lunch, and he does not get lost trying to find his room after recess or lunch. (Big sister did once, and still remembers how upset she was until she spied a grown up she knew to ask for help—it’s not a huge school, but feels enormous when you’re 4 feet tall.)

In the meantime, I’ll be taking the next 20 minutes to finish the cup of stone-cold coffee I poured myself at 6:30, and then tackling some of the wall to wall messes summertime has presented to our home while littlest brother happily plays with toys no one can tell him he’s not using right. Ahhhh, exhale….

school 004 school 005

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