Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great American Summer

This spring the kids and I got season passes to Great America, which is not too far away. We like to go to fun places on our long Wednesday afternoons when school is in session, and we went nearly weekly this summer break—it feels so early to be wrapping up summer, but they go back Monday!

Note: I snapped a bunch of photos along the way and will share ‘em here, en masse. They’re all instagrams, about which I feel ambivalence. I like that I didn’t have to worry about the “big mama” camera when I had to relinquish my possessions more or less unattended while I was on a ride or worry that I’d be knocking it around a lot. However, they’re not the best photos. I decided since the photos will not be technically the same as I’d take otherwise, to have fun with it, playing with oddball (i.e. imperfect composition, when we only had one shot to conserve film) photos and filters just for fun. C’est la vie.

IMG_20120530_140706 IMG_20120530_151540
IMG_20120530_154536 IMG_20120530_161449
IMG_20120530_164244 IMG_20120618_145152
IMG_20120628_120848 IMG_20120716_114556
IMG_20120716_131451 IMG_20120716_154521

IMG_20120716_160535 IMG_20120716_175910
IMG_20120730_111238 IMG_20120730_124514
IMG_20120815_132459 IMG_20120815_132938
IMG_20120815_135034 IMG_20120815_142711
IMG_20120815_151657 IMG_20120815_154950

I’m really happy about buying the season tickets, overall. If he wears the “right” shoes, Cole is 48” by their measuring pole, and can ride anything he wants. It’s amazing what he does want to ride—and with enjoyment! Sometimes I have to hold onto his hand, more for me than him. :)

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