Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mama-Cole Time

With the bigs in school all day, Cole and I have been enjoying our one on one time the past few days. Not every outing can be awesome (Costco), but we did have a really fun time at the Discovery Museum the other day. Over the summer we did go a couple of times, but it’s really hard to keep kids of such varying levels all happy on the same spot for long, and Cole often would have to move on before he was ready because everyone else was “bored.”

It was wonderful to be there with my little(ish) Coley, letting him dictate how long and where. It was a full day, too!

DiscoveryMuseum 019

He made a punched-tin luminary, all by himself after I helped him make guide marks. Cole’s masterpiece is on the mantle right now.

DiscoveryMuseum 023

He painted – with brushes and his hands.

DiscoveryMuseum 028

DiscoveryMuseum 042

We read about 23 books, give or take 15.

DiscoveryMuseum 049

We learned about mirrors and light reflection. Just kidding! We made silly faces.

DiscoveryMuseum 060

We played with toy cavemen and mammoths.

DiscoveryMuseum 063

He made a newspaper pot and planted a fava bean. I may have suggested sunflower… but he liked that big fava bean. :)

DiscoveryMuseum 065

DiscoveryMuseum 074

We painted with water. This is an activity I have copied at home, and it’s fun—and clean.

DiscoveryMuseum 078

We helped the garden by watering, and watering, and watering.

DiscoveryMuseum 086

He made sure to get filthy.

DiscoveryMuseum 115

He made the biggest bubble I have ever seen in real life. Dude’s got a real knack for making big bubbles.

We both can’t wait to return again next week, maybe by train.

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