Saturday, May 15, 2010

Water, Soil, Sunlight…

This year we managed to get our tomatoes into the ground at a great time – unlike last year when I froze out one ‘start’ because of a late March frost.  Whoops!

Paul and Bunny ventured out and returned with 4 beautiful plants to afford us a variety from cherry tomatoes to big old beefsteak.  It was a good thing they went, because I’d have probably chosen heirloom plants, which are peskier to keep happy during our extreme heat months.  Ultimately, as much as I love the colors and novelty of heirlooms (novelty and heirloom… hmm…), what we really want is to be overwhelmed with tomatoes come midsummer.  Good thing I was taken out of the equation!

After digging and digging, the area in which we grew a few very successful plants a couple of years ago was prepped—even with some of my ‘homemade’ dirt that my little worm ‘pets’ have been busily making.  Yesterday I asked Paul which plant was which variety, merely out of curiosity, since it really doesn’t matter – it’ll be obvious which is a roma and which is a cherry soon enough and they all have the same requirements anyway.

Well, this uncertainty would simply not do for my daughter!  Proper signage was in order, pronto.  I have seen a few super cute ways to make both sophisticated and childish veggie signs, but Bunny came up with her own design.


These puppies are certainly not going to last a month, being made out of construction paper.  They’ve probably faded a few shades in the past day alone, going by some gnarly results of… let’s call them experiments involving leaving a dark colored item of clothing outside in a sunny spot for 2 days straight.

I love the names for each variety.





This one is completely correct.  Boo.  ;)

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