Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Two Sons

Sometimes I look at these stinkers and just laugh. They’re like twins separated by two years, right?


No? Well, they are nearly the same height and weight, at least. In most other ways they’re mirror opposites, which amuses me to no end.


I mean, look. In spite of an active toddler life, and an abundance of energy, Cole can only be described as burly. Ample. I remain confident that his healthy diet and all the time he spends playing outdoors, as well as systematically dismantling the house will pay off, and that he will always be a big, healthy boy, but with less baby fat. In the meantime, I mostly marvel at the differences between these two.


When Carter turns sideways, he very nearly disappears. Cole is there no matter how you turn him. He’s also determined to be involved in everything his older siblings do. He’s there, that way, too.



The big kids were jumping off the water feature into a large puddle they made in the sand area at the park yesterday. Over and over they jumped, hooting and whooping. Cole seemed busy doing his own thing…


…but eventually the little dude had to see what all the fuss was about. Ironically, he’s not nearly as brave as you might expect. In fact, he has a couple oddball phobias that I’ve never had to deal with before. He has this thing about his face being covered--or even wipe--that makes cleaning him and changing shirts particularly difficult. You’d think I’m killing the boy when I approach him with a washcloth!

So, he spent a lot of time mentally preparing for the big jump. I understand – I hate heights. :)

Ultimately he decided for the slide approach. It’s not going to win him any style points, but it works.



It works a LOT better than his hiding technique!


In fact, he may well be the world’s worst hider. :)


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