Monday, May 17, 2010

Make It Work.

A while back I mentioned that I was trying to make better use of the limited storage and counter space in my kitchen instead of merely whining about it, which, while cathartic, was producing zero results.  I know, go figure.  :)

Remembering one in my kitchen growing up, I decided a tiered hanging basket might help contain all the fruit, a problem for a few days a week after ‘grocery day’ because of counters covered with melons, etc., blocking the door to the microwave, causing a lot of mumbled cursing as the grown ups knocked things over and into the sink.  After a bout of analysis paralysis, I ordered one off Amazon.  Some reviews complained of a cheap chain that breaks easily, but I crossed my fingers and clicked.

The chains were indeed dinky.  First, they all broke near the topmost links when Carter was giving the baskets a spin.  I was able to fix it, but then it broke again, and again, and we finally didn’t have enough chain to work with.  Also, I was rather tired of horribly bruised fruit.  Blech.

Paul suggested I, um… not buy the absolute cheapest model, since we knew we liked the baskets: his words were, “You’ve proved the concept, but we need better construction.”  I read more reviews and damn if that chain problem wasn’t mentioned for the $50 baskets as often as the $12 one.

It was time to make it work, I decided.  So, off to Ace Hardware the boys and I went (small boys LOVE hardware stores, and I love Ace because they actually ask you how they can help you).  $2 later I had some lengths of chain that can hold as much as 90 lbs ready to take home, and… it works!  It’s been 2 months, so I feel pretty good about my fix, even if my husband thinks it looks a bit industrial.


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