Monday, May 03, 2010

A Walk in the Park – Literally.

Yesterday I took the kids to Happy Hollow. I know… on a SUNDAY! What the heck was I thinking? Actually I was thinking, “Paul needs to get some reading done and I need to get out of the house with these kids so I don’t become the hush-hush woman again.”

I never take the kids to, well, pretty much any kiddie attraction on weekend days because I find we all lack the patience to stand and stand (and stand) in line. I like the weekday crowds much better, thanks. I also like that it’s not necessary to have my 2 year old tethered to me to keep from losing Mr. Wanderlust.

So yeah, this was looking to be a spectacular idea. Onward, soldiers! Yay, Happy Hollow on Sunday afternoon!

The parking lots close to the entrance were full to bursting, so I decided we’d just have to park way down at the farthest lot, and have a little walk.

Let me tell you: for me, the walk was the highlight of the afternoon! We really enjoyed it, and it was the first time we entered the Japanese Friendship Garden. It blew me away, and I practically filled my memory card with photos. I could pretty much point the camera anywhich way and get a beautiful shot.


I have an oddball fascination/appreciation for Japanese culture and aesthetic—must be all the apparent anal retentiveness offset by utter goofiness—so I was grooving on this place!


And, hey! Ducks!


Carter plopped down and insisted we watch the duckies paddle about for a nice long while.


It was remarkably easy to forget there was a busy city all around us. Well, until the announcer at the baseball field said something over the loudspeakers… except for that, it was just like being isolated. Actually, though the place was crawling with people gawking at everything, much as we were, the signs requesting that tranquility be maintained really did work. It’s a pleasant place!


Sometime we’ll need to picnic here and skip the (way overpriced, way under-tasty) concessions at Happy Hollow.


Right about there looks nice…

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