Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Kind of Freak?

...would decorate her daughter's Barbie house with a Halloween party?


Whatever kind of freak I am? These special dolls were simply too cute (and on sale!) at Target, so I couldn't resist playing just a little.

One of the benefits of having a daughter is being able to play with her Barbies, I say. It almost makes up for not sleeping 20 minutes straight the first 9 months of her life. (Almost.)
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Elle said...

That is really cute. And you know what? She will remember that for longer than you think. I still love my memory of our mother pretending that my stuffed animals made fudge while I was away at school. :)

Kristianna said...

I told her I thought maybe she and Carter were not the only ones who had a party today... that there was some weird noise in her room... :D

She stood and blinked hard a few times taking in the scene and seemed very delighted.

Heidi-Marie said...

You are so crazy! That's why I've always liked you so much! Ha ha... I love being a fun mom, when I can put aside the house work and discipline and just be playful with my kids. We should all do it more often! Good for you for doing it. Your sis is right, she'll remember this!

BTW, did you buy the Barbie house or make it? Lil wants a house for her Barbies and I haven't found a house I like yet (or one that isn't $100 ). I'd seen one that was wooden, not Barbie brand, just a house for 12" dolls, but I can't remember the brand. Also, I'd read an article a couple of years ago (in Cookie?) about making a really awesome Barbie house, but I can't find it, either!

-- Mandy -- said...

sweetness, kris! love it.

Kristianna said...

Heidi, Santa brought this huge pink confection of a Barbie house last Christmas. It's the brand one... and it's huge, but lemme tell you: HOURS of entertainment from this thing. She and various girlfriends can spend 2 hours at a time in Barbieville in her room (and that is a very good thing!).


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