Monday, October 05, 2009

Menu, 10-5

Click the linked image for hundreds of inspiring menus. I sometimes flip through the calendar, where I note each day's planned meal, and find ideas for dinners we'd liked but I forgot about. I get in weird ruts, where for weeks I'll make something, then we'll be sick of it and I'll stop and forget we like it. A couple of months later, it's like finding $5 in the dryer to rediscover a meal idea. :) Like quiche...

Anyway, here is this week chez moi:

Sunday: Rib roast, fauxtatoes, green beans, cheese souffles
Monday: sausages and peppers with homemade tomato sauce
Tuesday: Slow Cooked Green Chili Pork Tacos With Fresh Corn and Olive Salsa
Wednesday: Quiche, salad
Thursday: Chicken Paprikash in crock
Friday: C.O.R.N. (clean out refrig night)
Saturday: Salad with Grilled Chicken, Corn, Tomatoes and Blue Cheese

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