Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bay Area "Fall Color"

Boot Family, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Fall is most definitely HERE! After a hot, hot, dry, dry summer, the coming El Nino winter is going to be such a relief. (Remind me how much we need the rain when I am whining about 24 our of 28 days bein rainy in Feburary!)

We've already had a few storms, and had to dig out the rain gear. Since my house is way too carpeted, there is only a little bit of hard floor right by the door, and that is where we line up our wet boots. Okay, it's where they are haphazardly scattered until *I* line them up!

Cole, who prefers to be barefoot, highly resents my crazy ideas about confining his tootsies in dry and warm shoes. Even having 'frog eyes' on his feet is not helping much. Wish me luck, as these will be his go-to shoes a lot this winter and spring!

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