Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mommy Follies

I love making cute things, and if they’re sweet cute things, then YAAAAYYY!

So, I had to give the cupcake pops a go.  Since there are excellent instructions HERE, I will not try to make this be some redundant recipe.  More like, my thoughts and observations as I made some.

First, it is an ODD thing to make a perfectly good cake (and this one came out really perfectly), then rip and tear it apart.  It was kind of fun.

It looks like I could use this to top my tomato plants, doesn’t it?

I tried mixing the frosting and cake the neat way, then resorted to using my hands.  Soooo sticky!

Carter helped in the one way he could.  He helped clean the bowl.  This kept him occupied for long enough to allow me to form the cake ‘balls’ and put them on a couple of baking sheets to firm up.  I let them stay in the fridge until the evening, then formed them into the cupcake shapes, and let them go back into the cold until the next morning, as the instructions caution you that the coating will weep and become wet if you put finished pops in the fridge – and I have a cat who’d love to lick anything left out overnight.  I thought I’d spare the kids some special kitty saliva.  :)

Dipping these guys was not hard at all. 

My main observation would be to only dip a few at a time, then make sure the sticks are inserted before the candy coating hardens up, or I think it could crack.

I did have a time of it getting the chocolate up to the right level, and these I photographed were before I figured out how to do that.  :)

Using the side of the bowl helps to control where the coating goes.

The good news is they do set up really quickly, so by the time you’re done making the ‘bottoms’, you’re ready to flip ‘em over and dip the ‘tops’, which is where the real fun was.  I used blue and pink, as per Bun’s wishes, and she chose the little candies that I placed on the very tops.  I love sprinkles, and always have some on hand here.  :)


A totally worthwhile, and impressive project.  They were yummy, and Bunny was happy with them.  Her friends loved them, too!

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Laurie said...

You did good! They looks awesome!


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