Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cool, Sweet Treats Beat the Heat

Today’s post brought to you by rhyming!  The fun with words game!  :)

I make homemade popsicles.  It’s a nice way to make a somewhat healthy treat, and I also can sneak a lot of goodness into them (protein powder, fruits my picky 3 yr old would NEVER touch much less eat, yogurt).

Yesterday I made some Jello Pops.  I took a single serving container of vanilla yogurt, added some cooled—but still liquid—Jello, some protein/vitamin powder, and blended it up before pouring into the popsicle molds I got at Target a few years ago (totally worth the $2 each or whatever they were).   They’re cold and creamy and YUMMY.


-- Mandy -- said...

i always throw protein powder in our smoothies/homeade frozen fruit pops as well. nice trick, eh? ;)

Kristianna said...

It's a great trick!


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