Monday, April 20, 2009

First Beach Outing of the Year!

Saturday we packed up the fam-fam and headed over to Santa Cruz. Though Cole’s been many, many times, I knew it would be *like* a first for him. He was pretty small last summer when we went all the time for Little Guards.

While he was a little apprehensive of being put down at first, he warmed up to it. As long as the water from the cold, cold, Bay didn’t touch him. He loved sitting in puddles from holes dug right near the water’s edge though!

I’d say we have a threesome of beach loving kids here.

Oh, and as you can see, Bunny wore her thermal top and was bodysurfing in that cold water. I didn’t even like it touching my feet. She has ice in those veins.


Laurie said...

So that's a thermal top? I had no idea why some surfers wore long sleeve tops in the I know.

Kristianna said...

I think some also call it a 'half suit'. It helps a lot!


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