Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just add dirt.

Today the boys and I went for a too-quick (in Carter’s opinion) trip to the Discovery Museum. The garden has been opened for the season (finally!) and I decided it made perfect sense to let them go out after fully soaking themselves playing the waterworks area. I figured it would be nice to be in the warm sun and they might dry off, instead of forcing me to get out the dry outfits I had for both of them in my bag.

Wrong. Dirt + water… you get my drift. But hey, I did have those spare clothes, so I really didn’t care. It’s not like their hamper is not already a piquant mix of aromas, why not add in some earthy smells? ;)

See, last time we were there, there was not this AWESOME digging area. And they did love it dearly.

Right about here I should add that Carter kept correcting me about something. I call it dirt. He says it’s soil. SOIL. Sheesh.

Anyway, their clothes started to get a great muddy sheen to them. Cole is not one to hold back, and he really got into the digging.

Who needs tools?

Not him, that’s NOT who. Then, the inevitable happened.

Oh dear.

Um. Yeah.

Sweetie, you have a little something on your chin…

Well, as long as he’s not upset… might as well let it be. Seeing as my wipes were not handy at the moment, being at my stroller ~20 feet away.

Dirt has minerals and vitamins, right? Oh, sorry, I forgot. SOIL


-- Mandy -- said...

i love it, kris! let boys be boys and explore their way through life..dirty or not. ;) i cant ever say 'NO' to mud, water puddles, or SOIL. :) in fact..the boys just dug a big hole in my backyard for the fun of it yesterday. oh well...ryker learned that worms dont stop moving or die when you chop them with a garden shovel. he was intrigued. brecken was just pumped that he dug a 'huge' hole... he plans on planting marigolds i guess. and made sure to add: 'i know you don't like them, mom..but they'll keep the rabbits away from your garden'. whatta boy. i LOVE this blog entry and all the photos--you are a fantastic mom!

Kristianna said...

S0unds like y0u all had a great time, t00!

Laurie said...

SOIL? lol! I love the mud, my kids don't play it anymore, but my dog sure does :)


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