Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slow Cooking Thursday: The Inauguration

Slow Cooking Thursday ~ Easy Meatloaf

I think I like this idea... seems the more kids I have, the more I yearn for the boring predictability I never would have wanted say 10 years ago, when I literally never cooked the same dish twice. My husband's joke/complaint was, "If I like something, I better enjoy the HELL out of it, because I'll likely never see it again." Now, I still do enjoy trying new things, and someday probably will have the totally unique menus every week.

But for now, routine is the means to sanity, haha. That, and lots of coffee. ;)

So anyway, I think after I get home from drop off, it'll be the inaugural Slow Cooking Thursday prep time. Then all I have to do is make sides tonight. I guess that's why I make a batch of soup so often in the middle of the day--so in the evening when it's crazyville here, with 2 or 3 kids fussy, I can just put food in a bowl/plate, and then they're quiet at least while they eat, heh.

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