Friday, March 21, 2008

friday:: found photo

071998_Lassen_0014, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I've been working on steadily decluttering at least one thing a day committed to doing this for a year... and was in the garage when I spied a whole album of photos! In the garage? Only my husband would put photos in the garage (nice archive for easily damaged things, being extreme temperatures and all, huh?)... but they're in good shape. So I'm trying to find a little time weekly to scan. This album is from 1998 and perhaps some of 1999--I have not flipped through it. Hey, I have little free time as I said! I did scan the first 4 pages, which are of our 1998 July 4th camping trip to Mt. Lassen up near Shasta.

This photo was taking on July 4. It had been the big El Nino winter that year and much of the park was still covered in snow. We climbed the most recently active cinder cone that day (the cinder cone was so steep, it was a BITCH to get up, even as seasoned hikers) and this photo is from the top.

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