Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2nd Parent-Teacher Conference

This morning I had the second of three parent teacher conferences with Bunny's teacher. In general, she exceeds standards for her grade level in reading, writing, speaking, and math while she's meeting the standards for social studies and science -- these are the standards for completion of Kinder, not 2/3 of the way, so within a couple of those areas she was marked as 'approaching' standards, but overall meeting, since it's a journey. A couple of areas where she particularly excels are reading/listening comprehension, pushing to write more complex sentences (i.e. instead of "I like ____," she adds a second clause and reasons out phonetic spellings for words she has not been taught (sometimes with the cutest results, haha!)).

This is the comment on her report card:
Bunny continues to do well in all areas. She is a quick learner and a pleasure to teach! Her enthusiasm towards learning is a wonderful gift. Bunny is reading simple books, writing simple sentences, and writing numbers up to 100. Her reading is beginning to flow and she is sounding out words. This will be the concentration of our last trimester. Bunny displays creativity with problem solving and with written work. Bunny is kind to others and she is a role model in our class. She is learning to jump rope at recess. Keep up the good work!

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