Sunday, November 17, 2013


This weekend we officially celebrated Carter’s 8th birthday with a party at a bounce place in town. I tell you, those places have it down to a science, and it was exactly what Carter had wanted. He loves bouncers almost more than anything—except Lego Star Wars, which was the theme. ;)

CarterBounceUParty 001

CarterBounceUParty 038

CarterBounceUParty 052

CarterBounceUParty 099

CarterBounceUParty 112


CarterBounceUParty 169

CarterBounceUParty 209

CarterBounceUParty 234

CarterBounceUParty 264

CarterBounceUParty 236

CarterBounceUParty 278

CarterBounceUParty 279

I am so happy he enjoyed his party as much as he did. :) It also was a special treat that his Grandma & Gramps, plus his Aunt & Uncle, and cousins were there to celebrate.

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