Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jack “o” Lanterns and Trick or Treat!

By the time I remembered about carving pumpkins, it was after 4:00 and I kept my realization to myself. I admit it: I was personally getting tired of the go-go-go of birthday party/birthday/Halloween and just wasn’t “feeling” like dealing with the mess of pumpkin carving.

Of course, the kids remembered, and of course I hauled out the little saws etc and we got a’carving.


This year Cole got to use the saws himself, and he chose the design. I helped with the harder bits but only a little.


Carter intensely dislikes the ‘gutting’ of the pumpkin, but he loves carving. It’s like life, kid – you sometimes you gotta get up to your elbows in something unpleasant to get the rewards. :)


Bunny carved hers to look like an owl of her own design.




All of a sudden, the verrrrry long afternoon was over and it was dusk. As I was hurrying to get kids in costumes (and remembering a little too late that it’s a pretty awful idea to spray colored hair spray indoors… still finding green in spots in the bathroom), the doorbell started ringing, and it was “go time.”


Paul covered the kids in glowing stuff, as is his yearly ritual (I swear he’d really like them to all be Tron one year so they can glow head to toe: Safety First!!) and we almost forgot a photo.

Happy Halloween!


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