Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday, The Real Deal

Carter’s 7th birthday feels like it was ages ago, but it has been less than two weeks. Time does fly.

Back in September, or maybe even late August, Carter fell madly in love with an enormous teddy bear. I hid that sucker away in the storage room of a kindly neighbor for weeks, then sneaked it back into the house the night before.

CarterBday2012 004

I think he was really happy about it when he woke the next morning.

That day at school I brought in treats to share with his class: chocolate chip blondies.

CarterBday2012 009

He also helped me make sure the bowl and spatula were clean enough to be washed when I was making his cake later.

CarterBday2012 014

IMG_20121030_180713  CarterBday2012 027CarterBday2012 041

CarterBday2012 047

CarterBday2012 049

He had a day almost as great as he is. Happy Birthday to my goofy, sweet, cuddly, feisty guy. We love you very much.

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