Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween Day

This year since Halloween fell on a modified day, students were allowed to wear their costumes to school. Cole had to join in on the fun, of course.
Halloween2012 001
Halloween2012 003
Halloween2012 019
Halloween2012 013
Halloween2012 028
The teachers always dress in theme, usually a whole school theme, then each grade chooses a subset of matching costumes. Last year was the ocean. Kinder teachers were jellyfish, others were in scuba suits, and so forth. This year many in our area were a little excited about a sporting event of some sort, so their costumes were very timely.
Halloween2012 010
Halloween2012 021
Halloween2012 018
School dismissed early that day, so the long afternoon waiting for the Big Show felt all the longer for it.
Halloween2012 047
Carter received a box of break-your-own geodes for his birthday just the day before and was anxious to get crackin’. We placed them in an old sock to help prevent shards from flying in our faces.
Halloween2012 058
Halloween2012 062
Somewhere between 70-80% are crystal-filled, and the rest are duds. Carter liked the rusty insides of the duds a lot, though. It’s a fun little activity with some educational merit. It’s a good way to amuse antsy kids and less than even a trip to the ‘cheap movie theater.’
By then we’d gotten to all of 2:30 with roughly 4 hours to burn before sundown. Thankfully, staying up late the night before made everyone a little more interested in chilling out than they usually are.
::to be continued::

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