Sunday, January 01, 2012

Remember the McResolution?

A year ago I had a mini resolution to find or figure out a suitable homemade—and healthier—recipe for McNuggets.  Did you know there are about 40 ingredients in those suckers?

Anyway, a couple of months ago I finally hit upon a recipe that works really well.  The key, I think, is that you grind chicken with some seasonings, then portion it into little chicken meatballs that you flatten after lightly breading them.

They were delicious, and contained 7 ingredients the way I made them (no parsley flakes)!  The one comment from my taste testers was they are not as juicy as McD’s*.  A batch makes about 3 dozen nuggets, which were gobbled up, but they can be slightly undercooked and frozen/reheated in the oven if you’re planning ahead.  Freeze ‘em on a baking sheet in a single layer, then you can move them to a more space efficient bag or container, like how you’d freeze a bounty of fresh berries for later.

I tried one batch with a tempura-style batter instead of the breading to try to make them more exactly like McNuggets, but wouldn’t you know it, Carter preferred the other way!  :)  Everyone else, including a visiting playmate thought they were great with the tempura coating.  However, it was messier for me, and the oil I was frying them in seemed to get funky by the end of the batch, so I will stick with the light breading from now on.

So there you go.  Homemade McNuggets without the eyebrow-raising dubiousness.  Happy New Year!

*I solved the juiciness issue by adding one teaspoon canola oil to the meat mixture when grinding.

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