Monday, January 16, 2012

The Best of It

We blew it this weekend, in a way.  Saturday was the best day to go to the beach, but we made the mistake of thinking it’d be the same beautiful weather Sunday as it was Saturday… then Sunday’s forecast was not worth the bother.  However, we did have a good day of it, nevertheless.

We took the kids on a hike.  Sure, it was just the easiest to reach trailhead a 5 minute drive away, and we probably only hiked 2 miles.  But, we did it, and some days that’s enough to declare victory.


We have not had much rain yet this winter, but it looks like that be changing soon. (Fingers crossed.) 





There’s a playground right at the base of these trailheads, which makes it a great ‘carrot’ for the kids to do the hike and not complain too much, so they got to play some before the weather got too cold and windy… then we headed home to the hot tub for a couple of hours of soaking up ‘til dusk and a little beyond.  All in all, not such a bad Sunday.



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