Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look Who’s 4!

Cole’s been excited and impatient about waiting for his birthday ever since Big Brother celebrated his birthday 2 and a half months ago… and it finally came a couple of days ago.  In our house, it’s the end cap to the holiday season—one more reason to celebrate.


Though it was the day before his real birthday, our family celebrated Sunday, because… well, life is busy and we’d rather be a day off and all together to enjoy it.  (Plus, then he gets consolation lunch of his choice.)

I was surprised by his choice of cake.  Until very recently, Cole was not a big fan of chocolate.  I mean, yes, he liked it fine, but usually he’d go for other flavors first.  However, he asked for chocolate-chocolate.  (I kind of suspect his brother, the world’s biggest chocolate fanatic had to have been persuading him, but whatever!)


Chocolate-chocolate… with extra white chocolate chips inside, for good measure.  Cole was so cute in the days before, asking to “gently hold” the candles and admire the special “4”.  Really, many times a day for 3 days he would carry that candle around with a grin on his face.

The birthday kid gets to choose dinner on their big day, and Cole chose to eat out.  This was awesome for Mama, too, really, since I only had to get a cake made and clean up dessert plates – way to go, Cole!  :)

Cole ate about half his piece, then declared it was present time.  He had just gotten a lot of practice 2 weeks prior, so he tore into those bad boys!  He loved all his presents.


The next day was his real birthday, so he was allowed to choose lunch wherever he wanted.  Cole said, “Pizza Place!”


I also ended up taking a pirate with me nearly everywhere that day, bringing smiles to onlookers.  He is my dress-up kid.

Then yesterday it was his birthday again, at preschool!  Leave it to Cole to get a 3-day celebration.


Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.

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