Wednesday, July 06, 2011

with a side of freedom

We had a fun, low key, relaxing Forth… the whole weekend, really.  It was pretty hot, which meant either sitting in the shade or splashing in water.  Mostly the water was in our yard, but on Monday we went probably a whole 5 miles to visit with friends and sit in their shade and splash in their water.


This photo of Bun cracks me up.  She stayed in the water from 2-11.


She even ate in the pool.


Cole changed into his swim suit 4-5 times that afternoon, but during breaks from the pool he enjoyed the most fun place to sit and watch TV ever.  This ball pit is great, especially in someone else’s house.  I’d have balls spread the four winds if I tried to have something like that because I don’t like futile acts like putting away the same toys over and over, and I forget that they even should be put away.  The easels at preschool are the same – I like them being THERE.  Plus, how boring would it be to go to other places and have all the same stuff you already were tired of at home?


We stayed in the water until well after dark, and were “treated” to some fireworks courtesy of neighbors who’re total pyros.  People shoot off illegal fireworks all over the place here, which makes one wonder why municipalities don’t just have shows like they do where I grew up.  Seriously, which is more dangerous and causes more expense in the way of police having to go through the motions of finger wagging and patrolling to figure out where that bigass firework 75 feet in the air came from… or that one… or the other 5000.  Stupid!  The cops don’t even seem that into it when they do catch a cul de sac in the act of putting on a DIY show.  “You can’t do that… I have to tell you that.”

Ah well, it was very convenient to just look up out of the pool and see pretty colors in the sky.  :)

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