Thursday, July 14, 2011


This week we brought a new life into our home.

bubo 003

Meet Bubo the guinea pig!  She’s an adolescent and her size might double in the coming months.  Her first day was spent in seclusion, but the next day she rewarded us with a few gurgles and chirps, and today she seems nearly used to the chaos round these parts.

bubo 002

The kids adore her.  She was only on a hay and pellet diet, so she’s still exploring fresh foods (hello CSA veggies), but the seeds from her hay are her favorite now.  So, the kids love to feed her, and she is more than willing to oblige, dutifully nibbling away, much to everyone’s delight.

bubo 004

I had a hamster as a child, and it was nowhere near this fun.  Had we researched before buying, we would have learned hamsters are not social, and as such, not really cuddly pets.  I probably overanalyzed it all, but am very happy with her and hope she enjoys a place in our family for, oh, 5-8 years to come!

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