Thursday, July 07, 2011

Co-op Cookin’: Emerald City Salad

I don’t buy many cookbooks nowadays, because I have plenty and have been procrastinating purging quite a few that are good, but which I simply never, ever use.  However, I’d heard so many good things about Feeding the Whole Family that I picked it up a few months ago.  As a person who’s trying to incorporate the amazing variety of produce provided by my CSA into our daily life, I liked that this book has so many recipes and ideas for veggies one might not find at the big chain groceries.

Last weekend I adapted her wild rice salad using what I had on hand, adding a bit of summer squash and broccoli, using more cabbage than called for, and skipping the kale/chard/collards because I was making massaged kale salad as another side.  What’s cool about these kinds of recipes is you can totally do that and still love the results, as long as you stick to the concept and substitute similar textures or flavors.

Anyway, I liked it a lot, and have been nibbling on the leftovers all week, because it also keeps very well.  This morning I added a couple of spoonfuls to my eggs.


Awesomely, the recipe is HERE.  I really do recommend the whole book.

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