Monday, June 20, 2011

Return on Investment

I have a good friend who claims spending an hour preparing a meal her family tears through, picks apart, and is done with after 5-10 minutes is not a good ROI for her.  I don’t fully agree with that, but we all have our things we put more and less time and effort into.


It took me about 45 minutes to fill 100 water balloons the other day.  It was not such a chore, really, because I let the boys play in the front yard while I sat and filled, twisted, and tied.  I did start to get a tender spot on my two twisting fingers, though.  :)


Later that day after Bunny was home from school I let ‘em have at it.  4 kids go through 100 balloons in about, oh, 5 minutes, and that was with me saying things like, “Take only one for each hand, and WALK AWAY FROM HERE to throw it.”

Not sure about that ROI!  However, we spied some ‘team’ water balloons, with 100 of two different colors, and I have a feeling I will be sitting and filling more soon enough.

Oh well, they do love ‘em!


I’m also on a quest for the perfect ‘fun’ sprinkler.


This one was fun for about 10 minutes before a seam split.  :(  I patched it according to directions, but the thing is like Humpty Dumpty.  No bueno.  Total fail.

Just sayin’, if you see this in the store (it’s at Target now) skip it.  I bought it on a whim when I was picking up some floats for the pool, so I didn’t get to see the glowing 1 1/2 star rating it’s earned on Amazon.

We have high hopes for the continued fun of our new sprinkler, which has at least lived through 2 uses.  No, really, it seems pretty sturdy, and the kids enjoy the ‘wiggly water sprays'.  Bring it, heat wave.  We’re ready.  :)

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